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Ammonium Chloride Granular

Ammonium Chloride Granular
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  • Otros Nombres:Ammonium Chloride
  • CAS NO.:12125-02-9
  • HS Code:28271090
  • Aspecto:White Granular
  • Embalaje:25kgs/p.p bag or 1MT Jumbo Bag
  • Marca:

Descripción detallada

Ammonium Chloride Granular:

1.CAS NO.:12125-02-9

2.EINECS No.:235-186-4

3.HS CODE: 28271090

4.Molecular Formula:  NH4CL

5.Molecular Weight:    53.49

6.Appearance: White crystalline powder or Granular

7.Specification of Ammonium Chloride Granular:

Items Standards                           Result                               
Nitrogen Content(%) 25 Min 25
Moisture(%) 1.5 Max 1.4
Size 3-5mm 85% Min 89
Hardness 12N Min 13
Color White Approve
Conclusion Qualified


White powdered crystals or Granular ,specific gravity 1.532 (17 ) easily absords moisture,and forming a

cake, soluble in water, and the solubility varies as the temperature increases, sublimes at340 . It appears

little corrosivity.


It is mainly used for making dry cell and storage battery, dyeing aid, electroplating bath additive

and analytical reagent. It is also used in tanning, pharmacy, precision casting.

10.Package,Storage ,Transportation:

Cargo be packed in 25kgs p.p bag or 1MT jumbo bag. Store in dry, cool airiness place, far away from heat,

avoid insolation,sign with no moisture and no insolation. Avoid handling or transporting together with acidic

or alkaline substances.


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