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Sodium Sulphide 60% Min

Sodium Sulphide 60% Min
Sodium Sulphide 60% Min Red Flakes
  • Otros Nombres:Sodium Sulphide
  • CAS NO.:16721-80-5
  • HS Code:28301010
  • Aspecto: Thin yellow / Red flakes or Fused Solid
  • Embalaje:25kgs/p.p bag or 1MT Jumbo Bag
  • Marca:

Descripción detallada

Sodium Sulphide 60% Min:

1.CAS NO.:16721-80-5

2.EINECS No.:215-212-0

3.HS CODE: 28301010

4.Molecular Formula:  Na2S

5.Molecular Weight: 78.04

6.Appearance: Thin yello/Red flakes, solid,

7.Specification of Sodium Sulphide 60% Min:

Items Standards                  Test Result               
Sodium Sulphide(%) 60.0 Min 60.20
Na2CO3(%) 2.0 Max 1.48
Iron Fe(%) 0.003 Max 0.002
Water Insoluble (%) 0.005 Max 0.002
Conclusion Qualified


Yellow or Red flakes/Solid with strong corrosiveness, easily soluble in water, presenting alkaline solution and

heat liberation, presenting deliquescence when exposed to air.


In dyestuff industry: it is used to make sulphide dye, as raw material of cure lividity and cure blue.In dye printing industry: it is used as dye agent in solving thion dye In tanning industry: it is used in hydrolytic decomposition to make raw hide depilated.

In paper industry: it is used as digest agent In textile industry: it is used to reduce nitrified objects and man-made fibre: used as mordant in dyeing cotton fabric

In leather industry,depilatory for leather.

In mining industry,As ore flotation agent in the ferrous metallurgy industry.

10.Package,Storage ,Transportation:

Cargo be packed in 25kgs p.p bag or 1MT jumbo bag or  150kgs steel drum.The packing be kept in good & dry condition,

to avoid brakage,contamination,damp and acid substances.


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