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This website is owned, run and maintained by Yunxiang Group. Please read the following clauses carefully before you use any documents and information. Using this website means you have known and accepted these clauses. Don't use the website and related service unless you accept following clauses.

Using of this Website

Clause 1

The contents on the website (hereafter called "Yunxiang" for short) are only for your individual use, rather than the commercial use. The copyright and other ownership issues involved in the website should be respected and saved in repetition. Even if there is no copyright statement in the content of website, it does not mean Yunxiang has no right for it and it does not mean Yunxiang will give up claim for it. You should respect the legal rights and interests of such content and use it legally according to principle of good faith. In no event could you modify, copy, disclose, release or distribute these contents in any form or use them for any public or commercial purpose. In no event could you use these contents in any other website, plane medium or network computer circumstances. The contents and the form of edit of this web site are under protection of copyright law and other related laws. Any use without prior authorization may result in violation of copyright law, trademark law or other laws. Provided you do not accept or violate the above stipulations, your authorization to use our web site will be terminated and you should destroy all information you downloaded or printed out from our website. 
Information Publication

Clause 2

The information on the website is posted as original; we don't provide any warranty of merchantability, adaptable to specific purpose, or non-aggression to intellectual property. In addition, Yunxiang will not guarantee the accuracy and integrality of information on the website. Yunxiang has the right to make adjustment and updatel to the contents, products and relevant information in the website from time to time, without previous notice. The contents in the website may be out of date or out of service, Yunxiang has no commitment for the information update. Moreover, the information posted on the website may be involved with the product, procedure or service unobtainable at home or locally, you may seek advice from local representative or agent of Yunxiang. 
User's Material

Clause 3

All material, information or contact information (hereafter go by the general name of "information") you send or mail to the website would not be regarded as secrecy and proprietary one. Yunxiang will not take any responsibility on this information. Meanwhile, in case no special statement is declared, it would be regarded that you agree or authorize Yunxiang or licensee to reproduce, disclose, distribute, combine or use the information and data image, library sound, text and other contents freely. In addition, the nation law, code, and social morals should not be violated when you use the website. It is forbidden to send any illegal, intimidatory, calumniatory, coprological, pornographic or other illicit material to or from this website. If the individual concerned brings forward a warning or objection on evidence, the web site could delete or pause the browse of such kind of information at any time without necessary to get prior permission from the supplier and also do not need to inform them afterwards. If the problem is serious, we may logout this user. 
Exchanged Contents

Clause 4

Yunxiang takes no responsibility for monitoring or examining any information sent or mailed via the website by users, or any field where users exchange with each other individually, including but not limited to chat room, bulletin or any user's forum or any exchanged content, no matter whether it would result in any problems involved in vilification, privacy or smuttiness, etc. Yunxiang has reserved the right to delete the information containing insult, vilification, obscenity or other inappropriate messages. 
Software Application 

Clause 5

In case you need to use the software on the website or download the software, the permission clauses in the license agreement of software should be observed when you use the software. It is not allowed to download, install or use the software before you have read and accepted the license agreement clauses of software. 
The Third Party Web Sites

Clause 6

The link from the website to the third party's site is only to provide you a service of convenience. Using these links means you will leave this web site. Yunxiang won't make any examination or control to the contents of the third party's site, or take any responsibilities either. In case you decide to visit any contents of the third party's website linked to this website, the possible risks should be born by yourself. 
Limitation of Liability 

Clause 7

In no event shall the web site, its suppliers, or any third parties mentioned at this website be liable for any damages whatsoever (including but not limited to damages resulting from lost of profit, lost of data or business interruption) resulting from the use or inability to use our web site, any third party's web site or any information included in such kind of website, whether based on warranty, contract, tort or any other legal theory, and whether or not the web site is advised of the possibility of such damages. If your use of the content of our web site results in the need for serving or replacing equipment or data, the costs for such serving are on the user's account. 
International Users

Clause 8

This web site is controled, operated and managed by the Technology Department of Yunxiang Group. We do not warrant that the information in the website is fit for or applicable for other positions outside China and we do not warrant that you can read these contents from the areas where this information will be treated as illegal. You can not use the website or export information if such activities are prohibited by the related export laws of China. If you visit our web site outside China, you are responsible for compliance with the laws of your local jurisdiction. These terms and conditions are governed by Chinese laws, not in repugnance with other laws. 
Modification Principle

Clause 9

Yunxiang may modify these clauses in this statement at any time. Please check this page frequently in order to know the current terms on time. Some clauses in the bulletin may well be replaced by the relative provisions of law. The website could terminate, modify, pause, or suspend any part of the website, including the usability of any characteristic of the website. The Yunxiang could also terminate the above authorization, right or permission. You should destroy all data immediately when such termination happened.

Clause 10

Any dispute caused by this statement or the using of this website should be applicable with the laws of People's Republic of China.

Clause 11

Any dispute caused by this statement or the using of this website should be handled by negotiation first. If it can not be settled by negotiation, it should be government by People's Count of Jinzhou.

Clause 12

Yunxiang Group reserves the interpreting rights for this statement and the using of this website.