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YunXiang Develop Group Settled in to the World Financial Center

Casutic Soda,Calcium Carbide   After a decade of development and hone, Yunxiang Develop Group. has became a large-scale exporting enterprise for chemical products and refractories, oil drilling tools.the company settled in Tianjin World Financial Center on August 8, 2012.
   Tianjin World Financial Center is a new landmark of Tianjin City, Also named Tianjin tower, The building is 336.9 meters high, Tianjin tower took place on January 14, 2010,became the tallest building of Northern China, Tianjin tower was built to be top international business office , it is expected that there will be more than 800 multinational companies settled in, It is is the most active international business center.
    With the company successfully settled in to World financial center, it open a new development opportunity for Yunxiang Develop Group . The company will continue adhering to the principle of "credibility first, quality first, service first" , continue to sincerely cooperate with friends all over the world for a better future.
Company Pictures
Casutic Soda,Calcium Carbide   Casutic Soda,Calcium Carbide

                           Office of General Manager                                                         Conference Room         

Casutic Soda,Calcium Carbide   Casutic Soda,Calcium Carbide

                                         Office                                                                         Reception Room

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