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Fused Mullite

Fused Mullite
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  • Alias:Mullite
  • CAS NO.:--
  • HS Code:38160000
  • Appearance:Grain or Powder
  • Packing:25kgs/bag or 1MT Jumbo bag
  • Brand:YUNXIANG


Fused Mullite--Refractory:


2.HS CODE: 38160000

3.Main Chemical Component: Al2O3

4.Appearance: Brown Grain or Fine Powder

5.Detail Specifications:

Properties Elct.melt.3AL2O3.2SiO2
Chemical Index   Grain(>0.1mm) Powder(<0.1mm)


70-77 70-77
SiO2 22-29 22-29
Fe2O3 (%) Max 0.20 0.30
TiO2 (%) Max 0.10 0.10
CaO (%) Max 0.30 0.30
K2O+Na2O (%) Max 0.30 0.50  
Physical Index      Refractoriness(℃)                                   1850 Min               
Particle Bulk Density(g/cm3) 3.00 Min
Linear Expansion Coefficient -6x10-6/℃
Glass Phase Content (%) 5-6 Max
Apparent porosity (%) 5 Max


Fused Mullite is produced by Bayer process alumina and high purity quartz sand while fusing in super-large electric

arc furnace.It has a high content of needle-like mullite crystals which confer high melting point ,low reversible thermal

expansion and excellent resistance to thermal shock ,deformation under load, and chemical corrosion at high temperature.


It is widely used as raw materials for high grade refractories ,such as the lining bricks in glass kiln furnace and bricks used in hot wind furnace in steel industry .It's also used in Ceramic kiln and petrochemisty industry and many other applications.


Packed in 25kgs p.p bag and 1MT Jumbo bag,cargo should be kept in good & dry condition. to avoid brakage,contamination.


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