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Calcined Kaolin

Calcined Kaolin
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  • Alias:Kaolin
  • CAS NO.:1332-58-7
  • HS Code:25070010
  • Appearance:White Lump
  • Packing:25kgs/p.p bag or 1MT Jumbo Bag
  • Brand:YUNXIANG


Calcined Kaolin:

1.CAS NO.:1332-58-7

3.HS CODE: 25070010

4.Molecular Formula:  Al203·2Si02·2H20

5.Molecular Weight:    258

6.Appearance: White Lump

7.Detail Specification of Kaolin:

Property Index Reult                              
Whiteness(%) 93.5
Particle-2μm(%) 80 Min
325-Head of Screenings(%) 0.003 Max
PH Value 6.00-8.00
Dispersion(μm) 50 Max
Mosture Content(%) 0.50 Max


Chemical Index Result              
SiO2(%) 52
Al2O3(%) 45
Fe2O3(%) 0.35 Max
TiO2(%) 0.8 Max
CaO(%) 0.2 Max
MgO(%) 0.2 Max
K2O(%) 0.05 Max
Na2O(%) 0.15 Max


Calcined kaolin have high whiteness, the average whiteness is 93 %, the best  whiteness can reach 97%. High viscosity, up to 74%, good dispersibility, possesses good compatibility with natural and synthetic adhesives or other additives in the formula, it can make the paint with good rheological properties.


It is widely used in ceramics, plastic, paper making, rubber industries, Refractoriness Industry and so on.


Packed in 25kgs p.p bag and 1MT Jumbo bag,cargo should be kept in good & dry condition. to avoid brakage,contamination.

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